Eating simply is not only healthier, but it is good for our planet and local econmony as well

This informative article gives inspiration and ideas for eating organically and buying from farmer’s markets. I find that buying from farmer’s markets not only saves me money, but also gives me great satisfaction as I hand my dollars over to smiling people who I have grown to love and appreciate.  And I often save money by buying food near the end of the market, or buying seconds.  Sometimes my friends just want to give me a good deal.  I hope you read this article. Perhaps you are ready for making a change in your buying habits, and this will put you over the edge. Or, maybe you are already doing this and you can be encouraged and celebrate.

And her is a list of Farmer’s Markets in Northwest Arkansas. Notice that we even have a year round farmer’s market in South Fayetteville at the Wren Thicket market.



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