About me

Although I am a skilled and experienced professional organizer, with sixteen years of experience, I am the first to admit that I learn from every client – whether they are a hoarder, they are in a crisis situation due to having let things fall behind, or just want to fine tune their organizing system. These are only a few examples of the kind of jobs I do, and  I feel grateful that I get to work with so many kinds of people and situations. I love my job. I love the people I help. And I love the results of helping them.
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I am wild about doing big jobs that seem completely overwhelming!
Yes, I can do smaller jobs, and I do, often.
But, there is something about the satisfaction that comes from tackling and surmounting the apparently impossible. And, that fits in perfectly with a scripture that I love: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26.  I know I could not do this work on my own strength.  In addition, since I have had an organizing talent from an early age, I know my talent comes from Him.

Over the past 40 years I have worked on being a minimalist and simplifying my life. My experience and passion helps other people do the same. Add in my twenty-five years of experience with Nonviolent Communication, and I have the ability to be exceptionally compassionately and present with my clients, providing them with a pervasive sense of lack of judgement and safety.

Organizing experience

Offices, garages, homesteads, teens’ bedrooms, closets, sheds, storage units and outdoor spaces are just some of the environments I have ordered. I have enthusiastically  helped clear the clutter in  whole houses with decades of accumulated stuff.

I supported the lead organizer in helping organize countless items for a large estate sale which was featured on Hoarding Buried Alive.

Recently I helped with a huge job where I helped a family downsize drastically so that they could move to a  smaller home closer to the father’s work so he could more time for family. Being able to help my client organize, de-clutter, was one of the most important skills I used. I also helped her create a simple time management notebook that supported her in  attending to the hundreds of details that needed doing.

Being able to help my client organize and de-clutter was one of the most important skills I used. She had no problem letting things go, and went on to have a very successful garage sale.  It took us only five hours to unpack to get her to a place where she could find the most important things that she needed, and have a space that nurturing. How satisfying is that!

I have learned a tremendous amount from on the job training and working in a variety of settings, including  promoting and producing Jack Canfield’s seminars; helping a private postal company get started; and supporting a professor sort through and let go of mountains of paper work.

I have been organizing since I was a kid. I loved to play library, store,  hospital and restaurant.  I organized events and clubs in the neighborhood. I know my mom and dad helped me develop this talent. They were both great organizers in our church.  Thanks, dear parents!

I was a class officer four consecutive years  which helped me gain valuable experience in organizing events and fundraisers.  At eighteen, I set the goal of traveling to Europe. I intuitively knew how to plan every thing I needed to do, which included working part-time and attending college full-time. I was able to accomplish this goal in one year, and had a life-changed trip that lasted thirteen months. Instead of going to Europe for most of my trip, I spent a year traveling around Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Sri Lanka.  This experience inspired me to live a simple life.

I have used a modified version of the Daytimer calendar for almost thirty-five years which has continued to help me create order in what used to be a very complicated life, including being a homeschooling single mom and working full time.

I have a natural ability to come along side people and being supportive.  Although each client’s needs are unique, I am able to tune into what the priorities are and help them carry out their organizing goals.

I have a deep love for people and want to do my best to help them realize their goals in the fastest and most painless way possible. Following Jesus  helps me to see people through the eyes of God who is unconditionally loving.  This helps me be able to be more compassionate and thus more helpful. I just want what is God’s best for people.

You can learn more about who I am  at http://www.patriciamikkelson.wordpress.com  Please like my Facebook page where you can find useful tips and articles about simplifying your life.

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