Healing your teeth naturally

Why do dentists seem to make life so complicated. Wouldn’t it be great if there were simple cures for tooth problems?

I am doing some research on this topic because I have many problems with tith  my teeth and gums. I can not at this time vouch for the resources I am sharing, but I hope that they will give you some hope and inspire you to do your own research. Let me know what you come up with!

Well, I thought I was going to do a ton of research, but this website looks like the best resource I have ever seen–and all the information is free.


I have a lot of respect for Lou Corona, a raw food vegan who is experiencing radiant health in his sixties. Notice the part about healing teeth and gums by ingesting this probiotic product.  http://puradyme.com/lifestyle/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/WHITE-Liyfbiotic.pdf

I have the above probiotic because Robert, my former husband and dear friend, mentioned that he heard that taking a small amount before sleeping cured people’s teeth problems. I just finally did the research on how to ingest it. I followed the instructions, and a tooth that was hurting immediately stopped hurting!

Thank you Robert, for keeping an eye out for tooth cures. You motivated me to do current research. It is amazing how much there is on line compared to 17 years ago when I started having serious teeth problems. I hope people can wake up to the negative effects that most standard dentisty has on our teeth and gums.

I want to add one more website because this researcher shares how damaging flouride is. My research shows similar results. I think I might try brushing my teeth with soap, too.


I’d love to know what you think about this article.





A researcher and author who has a lot of his facts straight according to much of my experience wrote this article. I’m going to try his techniques





Simple ways to garden with amazing results

When I first heard of Hugelkulter gardening I immediately decided that this made sense, and I have started two gardens, and inspired a few other people to do them. This really works–and is easy!  Saving water, using brush and plant debris that would normally have to be picked up by the city (if you have such services), creating super soil–these are just some of the advantages of the marvelous technique of garden that even someone who thinks they have a black thumb could master. Check it out here.

Biochar is a type of fertilizer that you can buy or make yourself. It looks like it will bet the new way of getting nutrient dense produce that can supply us with all the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive–but in a much less expensive, easier way that using current methods.

I want to share such simple tips like those that I provided above so that you can live a simple life and thrive. Have you had experience with Biochar and/or hugelkulter gardeing? If so, let us know!