Key Principle in Decluttering: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff. That is a pretty common phrase, right? This is one of the most important principles I use in my organizing approach. If there is a cluttered surface, I ask the client to look and see if there is anything important on that surface, and to pull it out. Then we put all the small stuff into boxes to be sorted later. of course, breakable things don’t go in the boxes but are put in a shallow box to be dealt with later.
Then, I can sort things into categories which i won’t go into now. It changes depending on the client. But the most important category that almost everyone has is “small stuff.” All this miscellaneous stuff gets packed up and labeled to be sorted later. Sometimes it takes weeks or even months to sort this stuff–because nothing is super important. When it is sorted. I get shallow boxes and spread the items out so they can be easily seen. i recommend that clients just pull out the items that can’t be replaced, and toss the rest.
Sometimes, most of it is thrown away as people see that it is not even worth sorting the pencils, markers, crafts, safety pins, toilet article which can all be replaced. Things like keys, mementos, and other things of more importance are pulled out. Maybe some things are wasted. But the time it takes to sort them and find a place for them wastes time.
If someone really wants to save or give away the stuff, I strongly encourage them to make that the lowest priority. Some clients have paid me to go through all the small stuff and pick out anything of value for them to look at, and they let me decide what to throw away. I love that!
I hope you will remember and try this principle when you declutter. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

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