I’m Downsizing and Getting Organized Even More!

I keep downsizing. I was able to fit most of my possessions in my bedroom which is fairly small. I have some stuff in storage, and some stuff at my former husband’s home. But I love to keep letting go of stuff and seeing how simply I can live.

I was down to just one box of papers to go through, and I was able to get rid of about 20%. I am in the process of re-writing my book, Travels to the East, and I was delighted to find some more material that will be invaluable for that project. I found a journal of when I lived for a year with my now former husband, Cliff, on only $30 a month in 1975. I think that will be a book as well.

My goal is to get to a point where I can have just a suit case, file box, guitar, and a few other items that are easy to transport so that I can be more flexible in where I live. When I lived in San Diego last summer, I did quite well with about that much. I can do it! I will put some stuff in storage which I am sharing with my former husband, so the cost is minimal.

I hope that you will get some time during the holiday season to do some downsizing. It is so good for the soul.




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