Having Fun Playing Kickball and The 90 Day Game

About a month ago I started playing The 90 Game. Here is the description of this wonderful process on the website: “The 90-Day Game creates the environment to evoke your greatness through case studies, imagination, metaphor, and a rich set of tools, templates, checklists and exercises help to guide you every step of the way.” I feel grateful to be playing the game with my friends Sky Masters and Mike Murphy from San Diego, with the coaching help of John Felitto, the creator of the game.

Playing the game has enriched my life immensely because I am encouraged to play more. Through reading and practicing the materials,  I can justify playing more because finally I realize that having fun actually helps me be more creative and productive which are attributes I highly value.

Even though I  had a big project I wanted to work on yesterday, I decided to say “yes” to an invitation to play in a kickball tournament to raise money for medical expenses for a young friend Wesley who has MPS.

At first I was reluctant to commit what could possibly be a full day of playing kickball which is a sport I had not played since I was in elementary school 40 years ago, and I didn’t have much passion for the game. But I realized that I would get to spend time with my family and friends, be able to support a good cause, and maybe even be renewed and refreshed so I could accomplish more in less time to accomplish my goal.

I was SO glad I attended this event.  Most of the team members were ages 17-26, with the exception of my former husband, Cliff, who is 71 and Maggie Ciocco who is about 45.  In order to stay in the game, we had to have at least 3 girls  playing, and they had a hard time finding females who wanted to participate. So the other players were happy that I was able to participate.

I found myself really yearning to win, because we had very little experience playing kick ball. And we did win our first game against a team that we later learned had only been playing 2 weeks. That meant we would play at least two more games. I didn’t pray that we would win, though. I prayed for all the things that actually did happen described below.

The day was rich with lessons and connections. Playing many hours of volleyball in the past with these same people had increased our ability to play as a team. I used to attend the same church as the team members, and I had known some of these kids for fifteen years. I was amazed at their maturity. When the umpire seemed to call a play incorrectly, with dignity they acquiesced. One young man showed effective coaching skills when he encouraged us even though we lost. “Look, these guys are really good, and they only beat us by five points. We gave them a good fight.” We found out later that the team was in the tier one league, meaning they were some of the best players in the league. No matter what kind of mistakes were made, no one criticized anyone. In fact, words like, “good try,” were common.

We prayed as a team before the first and the third game. My son, Chris, noticed that we were more peaceful when we played the first game when we prayed. The second game was less peaceful in his eyes. So he encouraged the team to pray before the third game-and we did notice more peace in our playing and attitude.  We lost by five points as we did in the previous game, but we made two points this time as opposed to no points in the last game. Was this due to our prayers for more peace, awareness, focus, harmony, and connection to God?  (We didn’t pray to win.)

I had many experiences that day which deepened my connection with these friends. And people really appreciated that I was in good shape because of my year of having my only vehicle be a bicycle.  I helped make a few good plays and even made it to first base once! Plus, I didn’t complain when I thought someone was overstepping my boundaries. Sadly, I had caused a lot of strife because of the way I had, in the past, demanded my rights when playing volleyball. My new relaxed attitude helped to build trust once again.

I feel very grateful that I participated. We only won one game, but we held our own against tier one players. We even took a picture at the end with the winnning team, who were very appreciative that we gave them a good fight in spite of our inexperience.   I am glad that what I am learning through The 90 Day Game has yielded great results.

When I got home, I was tired but satisfied. I knew that using other tools of the game, like imagining that my project was done successfully, and not worrying about the outcome–I would have a satisfying completion for my project. I feel happy that the principles of the game are in alignment with the teachings of Jesus, who says, in Matthew 6:26: “Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?…”

How I yearn to be released from worry and fear, and trust in my Heavenly Father who is my constant companion. This is good for my soul, and good for my brain. I want to have more experiences like I had today.  I am accepting help from every where I can get it, including The 90 Day Game.


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