Team Organizing Class Coming Up: Pilot

I am so excited to plan a Team Organizing Training Program which will help people do the following:

Coordinate a volunteer or paid crew to de-clutter and lightly clean an entire home in a 10 hour work party  while participants have fun, build a sense of community, and the client is motivated and able to immediately start sorting and downsizing.

People who will be overjoyed to learn the skill of facilitating this work party are:

  • Professional Organizers who want to add an additional skill to their tool kit
  • Missions Coordinators or other service-minded leaders in churches who want to help individuals in their community
  • Home owners or renters who have a problem with clutter and want to coordinate their own team organizing work party
  • People who aspire to be professional organizers and want to make a living doing so
  • People who really want to help people and love facilitating groups
  • Youth groups or other already existing groups who want to become professional team organizers
  • People who want to de-clutter and downsize their own homes and just want to learn the skills on how to do this themselves and with their family

You will learn:

  • How to assess a home to determine if it is appropriate for volunteer team organizing  the (“hoarders” type house is not appropriate for this course. That is a separate course coming up)
  • How to prepare the home ahead of time so the team can work quickly and efficiently
  • Techniques for de-cluttering that are amazingly fast and easy for anyone to apply
  • How to help the client help the process and feel relaxed, safe and happy
  • Ways to have fun, stay energized, and build community while doing the work

You will receive a workbook:

  •  With all the check lists you need to make sure every detail is attended to including the exact supplies needed
  • a time line so that all that needs to be done leading up to the work party is accomplished
  • questionnaire for client
  • instruction sheets for helpers
  • categories for sorting
  • signs to copy to post in various places

With 16 years of professional organizing experience under my belt, and being an efficiency expert by nature, I have learned how to streamline and simplify the de-cluttering process so that anyone who can follow clear instructions can  implement doable steps in a few minutes. This means that volunteers can be immediately put to work doing the job that normally might take months for a professional organizer to do at $50-$150 an hour, costing $5000-$10,000 which is out of site for the average person. But paying a team organizing consultant approximately $1000 to get their house to a place where the client can immediately enjoy a clutter-free home thus having the peace of mind to then sort and let go of things is much more nurturing.

The secrets to success of a team organizing work day are:

  • Nothing is thrown away except those things that the client lists as throwable (and we even have a check list for the client to check off for easy decision)
  • Client  sort things and let things go on team organizing work day with the help of a volunteer or paid worker (like a cleaning person they are familiar with) who has a little more training than the others who come.
  • With the house immediately looking decluttered and clean, the client becomes energized and is able to sort through the boxes that are packed up
  • Client packs up everything that is absolutely needed in the next three months. Everything else is packed up and put in a staging area like a garage, spare bedroom or even a storage unit for future sorting.
  • Volunteers pack up everything including things in closets and other storage areas) labeling boxes clearly for future sorting. Everything leaves the often-used living space so that a brand new clutter-free, peaceful environment can be experienced immediately.
  • As much as possible, things will be sorted into categories for easy future sorting, dpending on how much stuff there is, how many people help and how fast they are.
  • Follow up sorting parties can be arranged for quick sorting with the super quick sorting method that I have developed.
  • Every thing is planned to support participants in staying energized and present. Not all will stay the whole day, so people who want to stay a few hours can do so. Details such as healthy snacks, pure water, music that is good for the brain, frequent breaks, going outside, having “light and livelies” which help connect and energize people, and sharing about the process all contribute to people feeling alert and happy.

Training includes hands on experience doing every step that you are taught in an actual home which I have selected as the ideal training grounds. You will experience the satisfaction of helping someone transform their environment as well as gain a fantastic skill. Graduation is for you to actually organizing and coordinate your own job under my supervision with the other class mates being volunteers, Finally, you will do a team organizing job with the help of untrained volunteers.

Being part of this class will yield life-long friendships and if you so desire, ways to connect in the future with these people. When you do this work with others, you really do build friendships and get to know people in a special way. Even if you are taking the course and do not want to be a work party coordinator, you will still gain amazing skills and build relationships. This is transformational work we are doing–both inside and out. Seeing the results of cluttered homes will inspire you to do your best to have peaceful homes with systems that help you stay de-cluttered.

The reason that this is a pilot training is because I have not yet trained people to actually coordinate the work parties because I have had this position.  I want to perfect the training with your feedback and help and thus I am offering a highly discounted price. I am still figuring out how long the course will take and how it will be implemented, but I wanted to see if there is any interest out there, and what kinds of questions you have as I put the final touches on the course offering.


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