Are You Stuck In the Matrix?

Watching the movie The Matrix last night with my Wellspring Community was something I felt guilty about. Although I was working on a project and not giving the movie my total attention, I still thought I could be focusing better without the movie. But I wanted to be with my former husband, Robert, and my two kids, and share this experience. Now, I’m glad I did it.

You see, I realized that the work I am doing is similar to that of Morpheus and his team’s calling–to help people unplug from the Matrix. If you haven’t watched the movie, then reading this article will give you new eyes.

There is a part in the movie where Morpheous explains to Neo how the matrix works. Machines need energy, and they get it from human bodies. People think they are living, but really they are trapped in isolated boxes plugged into something so that the machines can come and suck their energy. The lives they lead in what looks like the real world simply keeps them busy and somewhat satisfied so that they won’t want to get out of the real existence of boredom in their little troughs.

But Neo knows there is something more, and when he finds Morpheous, he gets to wake up. Even though living outside the matrix is harder, the sense of comraderie and real connection are more meaningful. The producers of the movie are not Christian, but they portray Neo as being the savior of the world who can help the world once again become a place where all can thrive.

Are you stuck in the matrix? Do you feel like you are controlled by your stuff, your job, demands of school and government your time schedule, your needs for things that are not absolute necessities?

There are people who have completely unplugged to the point where they don’t even have a social security number, and can get by without a driver’s license. I’m not recommending that radical of a change. But when you look at your life and see how many things you do that you don’t really want to, and start making steps to change those things, you can get out of the matrix.

We all yearn for freedom. god gave us this need so that we can thrive. Being a slave to our stuff keeps us from being free. I want to help you get free. I hope that looking over my blog you can get ideas about how to declutter and simplify your life so that you can be part of the critical mass that wakes up and finally we as a human race can realize that fulfilling so many of our material needs will never make us truly happy. Healthy, wholesome relationships with God, family, friends, strangers, animals, nature that result in healthy community–these are the things that will make us truly and profoundly happy.

The next time you watch the Matrix, feel the revulsion fully when you see how the machines come and suck energy. You don’t have to hate people–but just hate the unseen power that wants to come and steal our joy and energy. And then think about what you yearn for-perhaps  unconditional love, a sense of belonging and purpose, a world where all can thrive–something like  Martin Luther King Jr dream of Beloved Community. If you believe in prayer–pray for this.

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