Services and Pricing

Team Organizing: Do you or someone you know have a house that is crammed with stuff? I have compassionate, skillful and strong team members who can help with BIG organizing jobs. Or I can support you in getting help from friends, family, or your employees.

Downsizing: Do you have life-giving dreams but your stuff is getting in the way? I can help you simplify, downsize, and de-clutter so that you can realize your dreams.

Basic Organizing:  Do you want to work just with me and get the job done in a longer time? I am happy to help you make a plan and estimate the time and cost of a big job. Discounts are available for jobs over 20 hours.

Moving: I can help you save money by supporting you in organizing and simplifying so that you have less to move, and the transition is a breeze. Or, I can help you unpack in a way that helps you be organized from the start.

Coaching: Do you have a hard time being focused and using your time wisely? I will help you set up a super simple system so that you can start being in charge of your life and do those things that will help you thrive.


1/2 hour free consultation over the phone, or in person if you can meet at the Red Kite Coffee Shop near Crossover and Mission or Arsaga’s at the Depot (near Dickson St.)

$50/Hour. Hands on organizing 4 hours minimum

$100/Hour for one hour phone coaching

50 cents per mile for locations outside of Fayetteville city limits

Discounts available for longer jobs–to be negotiated.

Discounts available if you give me a ride if your house is more than 10 miles away from Old Wire and Mission. I live very simply, and ride my bike for transportation.

Discounts for seniors–60 and over.

Call or email me now for a free one half hour consultation


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