The Best Testimonial Yet–Given By My Son!

My mom has been helping me get organized from the time she was pregnant. She had to be pretty organized to have a home birth, have 6 ladies attend, do attachment parenting and all that good stuff.

It was in my older years that her organizing skills really came in handy. When I decided to apply to go to college after being unschooled for the first 19 years of my life, and I got accepted after studying for the SAT test for three weeks, I really needed help. I was already busy leading worship at church, being the head guy in our band, The Flight to Light, and supporting our youth group. And of course, volleyball took up a good part of my time.

Mom helped me to get my house organized several times. My dad and I live in a tiny one bedroom house and the lack of storage space made it difficult to keep things decluttered. But with her help and motivation, I finally cleaned the whole place up so that we only have what we need in the house, and there is a home for everything. For example, when I need to grab my bass guitar, or my suitcase full of music, or my briefcase for school–I can easily find it so it goes into my car.  Being the person of many interests and activities as I am, this is essential.

I found that with mom’s help, I got the biggest part of the organizing done because she was fearless in tackling a closet that I was terrified to even touch. In fact, I discouraged her from starting that project thinking that it would never get done. But my mom is so courageous. She just started taking things out, and I realized that it was really important to clear out the only storage space in the house. She didn’t force the issue–but she did nudge me quite a bit! And I am so glad.

I am so fortunate to have a variety of activities at my church near Kingston AR, at Faithful Servant Ministries in Huntsville AR, and at the University of Arkansas where I am a grad student teaching public speaking. Almost every day I am on the road, and in my car. So keeping my car organized is really important–otherwise I get overwhelmed, lose things, and just feel yucky.

So one day my mom helped me pull everything out of the car and spread it all over our parking lot. Within just a few hours, together we created homes for everything that stays in my car, as well as more space for the things that are in there temporarily.  Not only was it fun, but I felt so much better now that I knew I would save time because I didn’t have to search for things, and also I would have more energy and peace of mind because my car looked neat and tidy. Plus, there was more room to carry passengers (which include my mom and my sister).

Most recently, mom volunteered to help me get organized for my upcoming semester. I am going to do more work than usual, and I knew I needed to figure out a way of making sure that I kept track of all the papers I would be grading and tasks that needed to be done for teaching. After all, I want to be the best teacher I can be, and being scattered is not good for that job!  Within one hour we put together a notebook that will keep me focused. I am not done because I need more information about what exactly I will be doing, but I know mom will be there to efficiently and effortlessly help me.

What I especially like about mom’s organizing is that she honors that I know what I want. I am a pretty good organizer (I’m sure due to our common organizing genes) but I appreciate someone coming along side me to do some of the physical work, give ideas (that I can accept or reject) and just give me moral support.

I feel grateful that I can call upon my mom whenever I need a professional organizer. We are really close and as an adult, I am glad to have mom as a mentor and coach and friend. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to downsize, clutter, get organized, plan a project, or accomplish just about any goal. And I am not just saying that because she is my mom!

Christopher Mikkelson