Team Organizing: Work Party Preparation

After the initial walk through and staging, we organize the work party.

I supply the event organizer with all the things that are needed to enlist and inspire people to come to the team organizing event, which is usually an 8 hour day.

Potential team members are contacted via email or a printed copy of an invitation.

The assistant and I make sure that we have the following in place:

  • Supplies including boxes
  • Staging area completely ready
  • Roles assigned once people sign up to come
  • Assistant helps client to clearly label and define those things that he or she does not want to be sorted

On the day of the team organizing event,  I (or someone I have trained) oversee the volunteers so that they can compassionately, quickly and efficiently de-clutter and clean the home using my simple, efficient and unique techniques.

A list of people who are coming is compiled, and the event organizer and I work together to assign roles ahead of time utilizing each person’s unique talents and resources.

When each of the following roles is filled, a tremendous amount can get done in a day or two with an experienced coordinator such as myself or someone I train. The coordinator is essential in helping to keep the work flow moving smoothly. Some people may double up on roles, which are as follows:

  • Cleaners
  • Sorters
  • Runners (to keep the boxes going to staging area)
  • Label maker and box coordinator: makes sure boxes are put together and every box has a label
  • Index maker: Creates a 3 x 5 file that lists any items that are put away so that client knows where to find them
  • Systems creator–to contain things that need to be utilized and start the process of preventing clutter
  • Assistant to client: Helps client sort items in a way that is minimally stressful on brain and heart.
  • Processor–Keeps laundry going, cleans items to give away, tests things to see if they work,  cleans things that are going to be used.
 Proceed with Patricia’s Simple Sorting System. Here is how it works:
  • Remember–Before the work party, client has identified things he or she does NOT want sorted with painters tape. This makes it really easy for sorters to pull things out for either sorting or packing.
  • One or two volunteers are assigned to each room
  • They pull out things from closets, shelves, drawers etc.
  • Volunteers sort items into categories as taught by Patricia
  • Runner comes and periodically empties out the boxes into larger boxes in staging area
  • Volunteers place some items (they will be taught how to decide) on tables and other surfaces for client to easily see.
  • Once the storage areas and surfaces in a room are entirely de-cluttered, cleaners come in to clean storage areas, drawers etc.
  • Client comes in and sorts the items that have been placed on surfaces.
  •  Assistant works to help client sort. The client decides which things are easily and clearly things that he or she wants to keep. These items are put away according to how often the item is used.
  • Once room is decluttered and things are put away, cleaners come in and clean the surfaces on which items were placed.
  • Voila–the room is clean, de-cluttered and beautiful!

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