Baby Steps: The Fly Lady Can Help You Get Into Good Habits

Everywhere I look I see this concept of taking small steps and celebrating progress over perfection. One of the most inspiring things that Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Center for Nonviolent Communication, said 26 years ago when I first started taking classes from him, was “anything worth doing is worth doing imperfectly.”

I believe that when a person is a perfectionist, they often then do nothing because the task seems to daunting. But when you take the attitude, “I can take baby steps,” or “I’ll just get started even though I am not quite sure how to do this right,” there is more momentum gained. Once you feel a bit of confidence and hope after moving forward, neuropath ways in the brain are opened up so that it is easier for you to take the action the next time.

So even if you are still in the process of downsizing and simplifying, you can get into habits like keeping your sink shiny. I don’t know if I am ready to dry my sink every time I use it, but I am willing to keep it clean and free of dishes. (I have a bin under my sink to put dishes that await processing–it really helps!) Here is some advice from the Fly Lady who comes very highly recommended by a number of my friends.


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