How Team Organizing Works

Team Organizing is the term I use to describe a work party where four or more people work together to help the client.  Within one or two days, depending on how bad the situation and how many people are willing to help, the home is cleaned and de-cluttered. This is done in a way that is very nurturing to the client because helpers are taught how to get the job done without the client having much stress.

With the help of loving companions who I teach and coordinate, we work together to make it super easy for the client to  sort in such a way that items are let go of, or packed away temporarily. Only what the client loves and uses regularly is left out. The result is a beautiful, de-cluttered house that is ready to have systems in place that will help the client keep the home clean and orderly.

Here are the steps:

  • A friend, professional (such as a counselor, social worker, or pastor)  or relative of the client contacts me about the working with a team to help the client. I will call that person the event organizer.
  • A three way conversation on the phone takes place with the client and event organizer.
  • I do an initial assessment with the client(s) and friend or relative of the client (wo I call the assistant) to familiarize the client with how the work party will take place, and for me to get a feel of how big the job is. I take notes, and make a list of tasks that need to be done specific to this job. This report is sent to the client and the assistant.
  • The assistant, client, and I clear a space, such as garage or guest bedroom, to serve as a staging area where boxes of stuff can be stacked and categorized for future sorting and processing. Then we get the work party organized.
  • I supply the event organizer with all the things that are needed to enlist and inspire people to come to the team organizing event, which is usually an 8 hour day.
  • On the day of the team organizing work party,  I (or someone I have trained) oversee the volunteers so that they can compassionately, quickly and efficiently de-clutter and clean the home using my simple, efficient and unique techniques.



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