How to Foster Emotional Intelligence in Your Child

I found this interesting website about helping children develop emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is getting to be highly important in this day and age because in order to be  successful, people need to be good team players. Of course, my value is that emotionally intelligent people can be more inclined to want to serve and nurture others–not make money!  I’m just glad that even businesses are starting to prioritize the development of acknowledging one’s own feelings and honoring the feelings  of others, and dealing with those emotions in constructive ways.

I believe that emotional intelligence is one of the keys to helping people simplify their lives.


Blood Brother: A Film That Inspired One of My Clients to Downsize

I like to find out what motivates my clients to make the decision to get professional help with their organizing needs. One woman said that watching the movie Blood Brother at her church helped to realize how much stuff she had compared to the children in the orphanage shown in this documentary.

If you look at all the reviews of this beautiful documentary, I think you will feel encouraged because there is a growing interest in service to humanity. I can’t wait to organize a showing in my community and inspire people to live more simply.