A satisfied client is very happy!

The names have been changed because these clients prefer to be anonymous…

Wow! I appreciate how Jill has given me week by week description about how me helping her and Amos get organized has changed her life. Thanks Jill–this is so encouraging to me. I know I make a difference in people’s lives, and your specific input helps me to know that these systems that I have either developed or learned really do work. Dear reader, I  think if you read this you will glean some helpful tips about organizing. I intend to write some more blogs to explain some of the terms, like “tickler file.” Here are Jill’s words:

Life in general feels more spacious. When I come home from errands, I don’t sit down until AFTER I get everything put away and it only takes a few minutes. Before, it would take the SAME few minutes to put away, but only AFTER having it hanging over my head for an hour or two or three, with a lot of “I oughta’s” etc. Now I don’t want whatever it is I brought in from the car sitting around cluttering up the space—the space in the house OR the space in my head.

And when I say to Amos, “Geez, Amos, the table is really getting to be a big mess,” it is a mess that can be picked up in two seconds, a table that Iwe would have been PROUD of a few months ago.

And…I have a friend whose place always seemed so neat and put away and I used to wonder how she kept it like that. I haven’t been seeing her a lot and the other day I went over for the first time after we had been keeping our own place picked up and SURPRISE!!!! Her place isn’t all that picked up at all!!!!

Remember your first trip out to our place, I mentioned the Collyer brothers—champion hoarders of all time? I found a good website about them complete with around 60 photos taken for the newspapers. They lived in a four-story brownstone in NY. One of them was blind and perhaps the hoarding started with the other bringing home stacks of newspapers for “Homer to read once he gets his sight back.”  Homer was found dead in the house after neighbors noted and reported his strangely unmoving body before the window and the other brother couldn’t be found. After they removed over fifty tons of trash, they found him crushed within what some kind of escape tunnel within all the junk.  He had died before Homer.  In all they removed 180 tons of stuff, additionally there was some stuff good enough to sell at auction. Interesting story. It seemed to capture the imagination of the city. It happened in 1947…..

The kitchen area is now automatically cleared; it just happened, seemingly all by itself.  Decluttering at night doesn’t take long since we only clutter in the kitchen….

I wish I didn’t have to sleep! Before you came over, I had two things that I wished I could devote an hour or two to daily—studying Spanish and writing—and now I have three!  I am champing at the bit to get back up to the ‘organizing table.’  I decided to go ahead and do my filing since it was 98% finished (which I discovered once I looked at it after having worked on it a good lump of time some time ago and then didn’t get back to it).

Another half-hour or so on the filing and then it’s time to rip into the walk-in closet!!…

It really is a matter of taking a very few minutes every night and the kitchen stays clear.  And I guess I had never fully appreciated the fact that the only space we clutter is the kitchen…..

The decluttering continues!!!

I find that I knew just how to proceed once you pushed us down the pathway by helping us all yank all that stuff out of the closets.  As we were doing it, I remember having the realization several times that I would never have had enough nerve to have tackled the job in so bold a fashion. But it is the boldness that gets the momentum going, because you can’t stop when everything is in the middle of a room and it all looks so much worse than it ever did.

The baskets for ‘read’ and ‘file’ are automatically clutter-killers as is the tickler-file. Everything just seems to work a lot better and more smoothly and the paper mess isn’t driving me nuts any longer.

I’ve gotten to the bottom of the ‘my’ and ‘our’ mess we piled in the blue room and have it sorted in put away boxes and am going strong on the exciting part which is moving into the blue room closet. I think the rest of the house will be much simpler than this part was.

I’m glad you’re coming back to help Amos out with some of his things….

I really appreciate the vision you had to see the point at which we needed to start to see our way through to the neatness that lay behind everything.

I’m finding myself pre-de-cluttering-that is to say, throwing away things in rooms that I haven’t even officially gotten to yet….

(Amos is giving me many recommendations to people and I felt moved to offer a discount because one of the referrals resulted in forty hours of work for satisfied clients)

Your offer of half-price organizing work is very generous.  Thank you so much.  We can’t take you up on it because neither of our consciences would allow us to pay so little for work that requires such a skill.

I actually started a tiny garden…5 tomatoes, three bell peppers, four basil. I didn’t think I would get to it this year. I think I have the momentum going to have a real garden next year—lettuces, kale, carrots, radishes, etc. I think the energy for the outside has a lot to do with the fact that the inside of the house is feeling more organized. Plus, I’m finally able to develop a beginning plan for getting the yard looking better. I’ll be getting in touch with you about the hour of free gardening time.

I ripped into the large walk-in closet off the upstairs bathroom. It’s amazing how much stuff was up there, now all down into the blue room staging area.


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