doTerra: A company that represents a simple way to take care of your health using essential oils

I have done extensive research on the doTerra essential oils and the company that produces and distributes them.  I have used the oils with my clients, family, and friends with great success.  The classes I have attended have been rich with information and testimonies  which has inspired and empowered me to take even more control over my health that of those who I care about.  I learned about the oils about a year and a half ago, and although skeptical at first, I kept coming across people who I respected who endorsed the oils, and thus decided to buy a Family Physician kit and become a Health Advocate. I am so glad I did!

Even after I bought the oils, I still had some doubts when friends suggested that the oils were so expensive and how could they really be worth that much. I encourage you to do your own research, but I came across some videos thanks to my own research and members of my team who are so helpful.  The first two are very short, and the last ones are over an hour. I am hoping that you will be inspired by the first ones and thus willing to take the time to see the longer ones.  I believe that taking the time just might change your life and how you look at health care. For a broad overview, check out my website at

Doterra Explained: This video is great–I just love the way the kids endorse the product in the beginning.  The little ones’ testimonies show how simple it is to use the oils.

Doterra at Vanderbilt:  This is an objective local news story showing how the doTerra  essential oils are being used in a hospital setting.

Is doTerra essential oils a scam: These guys are so down to earth and the video is not super professional. Yet I was very impressed with the information they shared in a little over an hour:

Emotional healing using doTerra essential oils: I appreciated once again the low key nature of the presentation–but full of amazing information.  This website gives great suggestions on how to use essential oils
I hope you will let me know what you think about the doTerra oils and the company.




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