My first official chapter written for Downsize Fast!

I have discovered a format of how I want to write each chapter, and I am encouraged.  I think that so many books are difficult to read because of too many words and not enough bullet points and white space.  Here is the chapter.  It is not Chapter one, but it is a chapter. I would love your feedback–both the format and the content. Thanks, dear readers!

Preparing for the journey 1

Packing for the trip

Goal: to gather together all the things that you need for the next three weeks, and organize them in a way that they can be utilized and stashed away quickly. Then you and your team sort and store things, you won’t lose anything you are needing. .


1: On the weekend of the Downsize Fast Happening all the items in your household are going to be packed up as if you are moving. Sorting all these things is going to be a three week process. You want to be able to access only what you really need.

2. You will get a feel of how little you really do need, and this will put you in a great frame of mind to let things go.

3. As you gather together your necessities, you will already be letting go of things that you clearly know you don’t need.

4. You will get organized for your new environment (whether you are staying or moving) so that when you put your necessities back in place, you can easily put them in high priority places where you can find and use them easily.


Imagine that you are going on a 3 week vacation. You feel so joyous as you pack up those things that you will need. You feel excited about all the great things that are going to happen. You are glad to get out of the regular routine, knowing that you are going to go on an adventure that will change your life for the better.

Affirmation: I am easily and joyfully packing up all my necessary items for a three week period.

Visualization: See yourself looking through your items with maximum energy and vitality. You have a smile on your face as you work with your family or others who are involved to organize these items so that you can easily find them. Already you are feeling happy as you make decisions as to what is important to you, and knowing you are going to let go of all you do not need.

Journal: Write down how you are actually feeling now, and all your fears and worries. Then write down a future prayer—thanking Creator for what you are envisioning will happen in the future, and asking for his help.

Check list of things to do

1. Make a list of those items which are most important to you that and things that you need. Pretend that you are both preparing for an emergency (thus you would grab your important items quickly) and a 3 week vacation. . (see checklist in appendix)

2. Gather together organizing things such as:

brief case


toiletries bags


any other container that would be good at organizing things

Clothes that need to be hung up can stay in closet. Basic clothes that you need such as underwear, t shirts etc. can be put into a suitcase.

3. Set aside one full day to get this task done. (See appendix for how to keep your energy up.)

4. Have a family meeting to discuss this process and get on the same page (see appendix; family meetings)

5. Give yourself at least one week to prepare for the day (see appendix: Preparing for day long downsizing events)


If you are only going to downsize one room at a time, you can do this process with just one room.

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