Having a conversation with money using empathic listening

I just came across this post. I totally forgot about writing it. But it seems appropriate to read as I gear up to finish my book, Downsize Fast. Nonviolent communication will be a part of this book because being compassionate with self and others during the process of downsizing is essential. Otherwise prople feel paralyzed like you so often see on the hoarder reality shows.

Compassionate Mom

I am experimenting with the idea that every person, object, idea, animal, insect, etc. exists with a desire to love and be loved. Since my perception of how the world is makes it easier for me to respond proactively and with compassion, having this outlook makes it much easier for me to respond with empathy. Responding with empathy makes it more likely for connection and win win solutions to result.

The desire to  love and be loved is often expressed in tragic ways that make it hard for me to see it as such. When my partner, Robert, does something that pushes my buttons (this is strange–I can’t think of any examples right now!) in the past it has been so easy for me to just fly off the handle.

But when I can remember that he is either asking for love or offering love, it makes it easier for…

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