Updates on the book I am writing: Downsize Fast! Your input is requested

I woke up this morning praying for guidance as to how best to proceed with my book. I am on the second day of a retreat that I have prepared for since Mon. Nov. 17.  I know that the encouragement and prayers of others (my two children, a dear friend from church,  and two friends in San Diego) who have joined me (in their own space)  group energy and your prayers have helped me. I believe that this is going to be an easy book to re-write.   And the beginning of many more books. Thank you to my retreat buddies!
This is what I came up with and I feel REALLY good about it! This will be my intro:
Based on working with scores of people during the past fifteen years helping them downsize, simplify and organizing, I hope and pray that the information in this book will transform your environment and your life.
This book is written for at least four kind of people who have a desire to downsize:
  • motivated and excited
  • desperate
  • overwhelmed
  • hopeless
 The main category you do need to be in is this one: Motivated.
If you are motivated, then even you have never been successful at downsizing and organizing, you will be more likely to succeed following the step  by step instructions in Downsize Fast.  If you don’t succeed I will give you your money back!
 And even if you are an excellent professional organizer, you may find that the details I cover in this workbook will help you on the really big jobs that you may not have in the past wanted to tackle.
The book starts out with the big picture of what you are going to be doing, with a time line that gives you a visual of the order in which you need to take certain steps. Of course, following this order is not mandatory–but it sure helps!
If you read this book and apply the principles,I know you are going to find ways to be even more efficient. You are going to have ideas of making the job of downsizing even more fun and effortless. And I am looking forward already to adding your ideas to the next edition of my book.
Thank you in advance!  I will also be creating a Facebook group, a blog and a membership site so that those of you who are passionate about doing this work can learn how to be simple living coaches.  and people who need support can get to know you.  One of my goals is to train Simplified Living Coaches who can support people to use this book. Each person who either uses Downsize Fast on their own home, or with a friend’s home will have enough experience to start pursuing a career in helping people downsize.  This will providej not only right livelihood, but will add momentum to the Simple Living and minimalist movement that is sweeping the world.
It won’t be long until you will be invited to the GREAT INTERNATIONAL DOWNSIZE FAST weekend where thousands of people all over the world will be simultaneously downsizing their homes FAST.  If any one knows Oprah, could you let her know about this so she can get involved?
Each chapter in this book is comprised of the following:
  • The goal you need to achieve
  • An action plan to achieve the goal
  • A check list with quick bullet points that can be inserted into your master planner for easy access.
  • Inspiration and practical examples to motivate you to achieve the goal.
  • Questions and answers to cover every detail that I can think of. (I love this section because as more questions come in, I can add to them! Hurray–a book that can easily be updated so that you can receive the best information possible)
I am imagining that people are going to find this book to be easy to use. Some will want to devour every word. Others, especially those of you who don’t like to read or have trouble with comprehension, will be thrilled to see the easy to read check lists, time lines, and bullet points.
In addition  the easy step by step descriptions of the nuts and bolts of downsizing to the there are some chapters that will help you be organized and motivated for this journey including:
  •  how to create your master planner which is a simple notebook using dividers and regular old lined paper in order to keep yourself on track.
  • How to use simple technology to support you master planner
  • How to gather around you a team of people who will help you mentally, emotionally and spiritually during the process of preparation for your downsize fast weekend.
  • How to deal with the emotional issues that arise as you start the process of downsizing
  • How to engage the cooperation of people with whom you live (one of the most important chapters!)
Friends, the exciting thing about this book is that if you apply the principles of downsizing, you will be learning how to achieve any goal that you have in your life, After all, my reason for being a Simplified Living Coach is not just so you can have a simpler life–but with the freed up time, energy, and money that comes from downsizing, you are then more able to live your life-giving goals  and help transform our world into a place where everyone can thrive.
In the appendix, I have included some inspirational stories of how I have helped people downsize fast.  I have learned from each of these clients, and even as I write the book I have seen how I can improve the process even more. I feel so grateful to all of my clients–most of whom have become my friends–for being willing to entrust me with such a precious gift of trust and vulnerability as we downsized and organized together.
No, this book has not been written yet. I wrote a rough draft about 3 years ago–and I thought I was going to just edit it. But because I chose to take two days off and join 4 others–my children and two friends in San Diego–to work in our separate homes to achieve some life giving goal–I now realize that I need to rewrite the whole book in a new format.
The format was what I really needed to come up with, because I knew that lots of words on a page would overwhelm especially those people who already are feeling overwhelmed!  And as I encouraged my circle of friends and relatives to join me in this retreat, I did fresh research on how to stay focused and achieve goals. Even though this has been a life-long process for me–hey, I can always learn more!  So I will be offering many tips that I would not have had if I had written the book with out having created this retreat.
My goal is to finish the book by 9pm Central Sunday, Nov. 30.  If you would like to join me in a conference call at that time to find out about the progress, I welcome you to do so. I am also going to invite my retreat buddies to join me and share their success stories.  If you are interested in being on this call, please contact me at patricia@simplifiedlivingcoach.com
Finally, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Robert who is:
  • my former husband and present best friend
  • member of our Wellspring Community
  • father of our 18 year old daughter, Mahriyanna,
Robert encouraged me to write this book initially, and recently he once again encouraged me to finish the book so that he can market it with all his wonderful online marketing skills.  Thank you, Robert!
Okay–it is 9:43AM on Nov. 29, 2014.  I have less than 24 hours to complete this. Your prayers are very welcome!  And if you want to comment on this blog post–I would love it!

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