Simple ways to prepare food and be healthy..and updates on my writing retreat

On my retreat where I am writing the book, Downsize Fast, I energized myself very simply by going outside, walking on the grass, and getting free Vitamin D from the sun.

I made a green smoothie in about 15 minutes for my  breakfast this morning.

Just now I took one minute to put sweet potatoes in the convection oven (no pans to wash-only a rack).

Last night I took 15 minutes to cut to up onions and garlic to dried lentils–covered 3 times over with water–and slow cooked over nite. Dinner will be ready when I need it. Brought 1 cup of rice with 2 cups water to boil in a small sauce pan–covered it with a towel.  Put it in a cooler.  It cooked over night.

I have grated vegies left over from Thanksgiving which I will add to some prewashed lettuce from local farmer.

I had wanted to have all my food prepared for the retreat so I wouldn’t have to take much time–but I am also trading rent at my home, so I get paid for simultaneously preparing food for my housemate who is eating healthier than she ever has in her life!

Getting ready to write the chapter, “Packing for the journey of Downsizing now”.  No more writing about writing about it!


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