Working on preparing for my two day goal achieving retreat

Here are some small goals I am creating for myself in order to prepare for the two day “retreat” with my friends and family plus a report on how I am doing.
  • Write down my goals for my retreat. done
  • have fun writing the future story of unlimited possibilities of what could happen after this retreat. done
  • Put them in my notebook under “goals” section.done
  • Write in my daily to do list “read and pray for goals daily” done
  • Read and pray for my goals for the retreat daily. doing
  • Pray and envision what I will accomplish during that retreat. -doing
  • Look for work on Mon., Tues and Wed so I will have my weekly expenses met.- done
  • Make a shopping list of things I want to eat during the retreat- done
  • Buy the food -planned
  • Pray for others who are joining me (in their own space)-doing
  • find an additional support group who will be praying for me up until and especially during retreat-doing
  • Make a list of all things I need to take my home (Debi’s home)-done
  • clean my bedroom/office-done
  • get back chair and table from storage-almost done
  • Figure out how to organize my writing on my document system (will do a tutorial)
  • learn how to back up on cloud-pending
  • Find my team organizing materials and figure out how to integrate. will look for today
  • Do some research and see if similar materials are out there. on list
  • Start a facebook page and gather interest and more support in the area of ideas prayers resources and excitement. on list
  • Figure out how this project fits in with  my other goals of community, non-violence, intentional communication training. future task
  • do one podcast interview with Scott about this project if possible. (probably won’t do until after)

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