A way of getting support for your life-giving goals. A virtual retreat to help you focus

Here is a letter I wrote to a handful of friends and family.  I got a great response.  I hope this gives you some good ideas!
Hi friends,
I am writing to you because I trust each of you and have worked with you in some capacity that tells me that you could be a supportive member of this group.I really hope we can all pull together and help each other achieve our life-giving goals.
What is it that keeps us from moving forward on completing big projects? Or if we do complete them, it is painful and tedious much of the tie.  I believe that one reason we fail in accomplishing goals is three reasons:
1.  We let the small stuff get in our way and we get distracted
2.  We need support from other people and don’t know how to access that
3.  We have self-limiting habits or beliefs
I feel hopeful that we can help each other to achieve our goals in the following ways:
1  Commit to working on Friday/Sat. Nov. 28, 29 on a big project in whatever place is most nurturing and convenient to each of us.
2.  Coach each other and encourage each other to prepare for the big days
3.  Offer general suggestions on how to make those days productive and focused.
4.  Build up momentum in the 8 days between now and then.
5.  Each person can send each other their goals and we can all be praying for each other…and offering concrete suggestions.
6. During the weekend, send each other encouragement and prayers.
7.  Celebrate together with a conference call on Sat. Nov. 29 our successes. We should be able to share a lot of gratitude!
If you want to be a part of this support group, please let me know. I will then send another email to the group and create a simple way of communicating via email.  We may have one conference call where we can meet each other briefly, share goals, and pray for each other.
If you want to get started, I suggest that you start by writing your goal as if it has already happened, and start visualizing it and praying about it.
I want to share my goals with you to start with, and I look forward to hearing yours:
I am committed to working on my worthwhile goals on Nov. 28, 29, and making quantum leaps so that I can live my purpose fully. My goal is to finish my book, DOWNSIZE FAST and prepare it for publication.
Here is an article I found helpful that we can use as a guideline to help us all to focus–
This sermon was very helpful to me:
And finally, a bit of inspiration from the bible:
One person standing alone is easily attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three people are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12
I look forward to hearing from you! And I am praying for each of you–all of whom are people of unsurpassable worth, beloved by our Creator–as are all people.
Just writing you has inspired me to make a list of my smaller goals which will help me make this retreat a success. Thank you, friends!
Here are some small goals I am creating for myself in order to prepare for the two day “retreat”
  • Write down my goals for my retreat
  • have fun writing the future story of unlimited possibilities of what could happen after this retreat
  • Put them in my notebook under “goals” section
  • Write in my daily to do list “read and pray for goals daily”
  • Read and pray for my goals for the retreat daily.
  • Pray and envision what I will accomplish during that retreat
  • Look for work on Mon., Tues and Wed so I will have my weekly expenses met.
  • Make a shopping list of things I want to eat during the retreat
  • Buy the food
  • Pray for others who are joining me (in their own space)
  • find an additional support group who will be praying for me up until and especially during retreat
  • Make a list of all things I need to take to my home away from home (Debi’s home)
  • clean my bedroom/office
  • get back chair and table from storage
  • Figure out how to organize my writing on my document system
  • learn how to back up on cloud
  • Find my team organizing materials and figure out how to integrate.
  • Do some research and see if similar materials are out there.
  • Start a facebook page and gather interest and more support in the area of ideas prayers resources and excitement.
  • Figure out how this project fits in with  my other goals of community, non-violence, intentional communication training.
  • do one podcast interview with Scott about this project if possible.
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