How to quickly and easily organize a storage unit

More times than not, stuff is quickly put into storage with good intentions to organize the items. But out of sight, out of mind, right?  But at some point you want to find some precious items, downsize, and maybe even get out of the storage unit.  If you have a storage shed that is completely in shambles, here are some tips to help you. Let me know if this helps, and f you have any tips for organizing storage.  Hey, I could write a whole book on this topic–but for now, I hope this is useful.

1. If the storage unit is outside—pick a day that is certain to have clear weather that is not too hot or cold.

2. Set up a sorting area for client with a chair and table.

3. Have plenty of boxes and labeling materials on hand to sort into.

4. Helper brings out boxes while client glances at and tells helper which categories the boxes go into. Stack like with like.

5. If client wants to go through a box, or items don’t have category, put the box or item near the sorting area.

6. If time is limited and the job is big, client just picks out things that are needed now, and puts other items into boxes to sort later. If there is time, since the boxes are spread out, like can be put with like.

7. If boxes are not marked, this is the time—name tags are great! Put on the end that will be showing.

8. When you have about one hour left, it is time to put things away no matter where you are at. Do your best to use furniture as shelves, or if you have shelves, utilize them.

9. Stack like with like, with the lower priority stuff going in more inaccessible areas. Try to make two aisles if storage is big enough, with the center stacked with boxes.

10. Put things that need to be sorted still near the front for easy access.

11. Celebrate a job well done!

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