I am going to be writing a series on organizing your time

I have been working on time management for 34 years ever since I read a classic little book on organizing (I have forgotten the name for now) which inspired me to order my first Daytimer planner.  I was about 26 at the time, and I remember a friend saying, “Why do you need to plan so much? Why do you need a planner?”  My answer came from my heart, “Having structure is valuable for being creative and productive–just like the banks of the river help the river to flow.”  Ever since then, I have had some kind of planner, and this has helped me to flow more productively in my life.

I have shared a simple planning approach with a growing number of clients who have found this to be extremely helpful. Using a 3 ringed notebook, dividers and plenty of lined paper, I have helped them to simplify their lives by getting things on paper that were floating around in their brain and cluttering up their mind and heart space.

I am letting you know this because I would love to hear what has worked for you in terms of planning your time and thus simplifying your life. I also find it valuable to write my intentions and thus will be more likely to follow through.


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