Bicycle safety tips

I have been simplifying my life by riding my bicycle for most of my transportation needs. I love the way I save money and get exercise as well as refrain from using fossil fuels.  However, I do know that riding a bike can be dangerous, and so I did some research on bicycle safety.  I thought this article was very helpful. Some of the tips I found most helpful were:

1.  Use a rearview mirror

2. Don’t hug the curb when you are riding–read the article to find out why.

3.  Do your best to avoid busy streets and ride through neighborhoods

4.  Do everything you can to be visible–including

  • putting a noodle on the back of your bike to show people how much space you are taking up
  • wearing reflectors on your legs
  • use a flashing rear light at night
  • use a headlight at night and even during day
  • wear a reflective vest and bright colors

5. Riding on the side walk is not only illegal, but going from sidewalk into crossing the street is really dangerous for a variety of reasons.

I am very glad I read this article.  I feel committed to do more for my safety now. I will add one more thing to this list: pray unceasingly, especially while you are on a bike!




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