Here are other services I offer that can enhance your simplified life.

Organizing: I can take complete chaos and turn it into order. In fact, the more chaos, the more satisfaction I take in getting it transformed. I can work with you directly, or I can sort things out so that you can then work on your own or with me to get things organized so that you can find things.

Project Management: I will help you plan a project step by step, and support you in accomplishing the project. I can do this either over the phone, or via internet.

Cleaning: I will use environmentally friendly products to get your home in tip top shape. I prefer not to take on regular jobs, but rather to help you get your home to a place where you can manage it. I can also consult about how to make it easier to keep your home clean and clutter free.

Non-violent Communication: I have 19 years of experience, having raised my children using this consciousness raising model. I can give group lessons or individual coaching on line or by phone.

Secretarial work/administrative assistant: I am a fast typist, can do editing, writing, transcription, filing, organizing the office and much more!

Voice lessons: I have had extensive voice training in the Natural Approach to singing, and HOW TO TRAIN SINGERS was my “text book”

What I like about the natural approach is that it helps students develop good habits which help the voice naturally to become fuller and more expressive. I don’t try to manipulate your voice–but offer exercises that strengthen the vocal mechanism, as well as help you connect your feelings to your voice. I am very supportive and make a safe environment for learning, for I believe that singing we bare our souls and are very vulnerable.

Beginning Guitar: You can be playing songs after our first lesson–I show you simple ways to play songs without having to learn very many chords. If you want to play simple sing alongs for children, or adults–it won’t take you long to get up to speed. I was never one for practicing guitar–so I took the simplest techniques I could get that make me sound like I know what I am doing!

Life Coaching: I can support you in defining your values and from there setting and accomplishing goals with a holistic approach.

Neighborhood Organizing: I can help you set up a Community Gathering and bring your neighbors together so that you can cooperate to create a thriving, self-reliant community right where you live. You can see my vision at

Uplifting and fun Children’s Birthday Parties: I bring music, cooperative games, stories, and a mural project so kids can have a unique experience, connect with each other, and celebrate the birthday child in a creative manner.

Gardening: I will help you start an organic garden and cultivate edible landscaping, Front yard gardening, container gardening, roof top gardening, indoor gardening, sprouting, and community gardening are some of the things I can help you with.

Sustainable Living Coach: Includes: Rain water collection and minimizing water usage: I will help you to save and utilize water. Weather proofing your home for cutting down on energy bills. Recycling and cutting down on waste. Living simply and minimizing your carbon footprint.

Blogging: I will help you set up a WordPress blog and give tips on blogging.

Non-coercive parenting/Unschooling consulting: Having raised two children, 18 and 25 using these methods, and seeing how these ways of raising children are working so positively, I would like to encourage others to be able to utilize the skills and ideas I have collected over the years.

You can find some recommendations about me here:

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