Miracles, Magic, Intention or Pure Luck? A testimonial by a happy client

I asked Patricia Mikkelson to help me organize, de clutter and simplify my home. A big job given I have a condo with a loft and have accumulated many items in the last 8 years. As a professional I have several books, papers, training materials. My home was also filled with non essentials.

Patricia’s professional approach is designed to assist the busy multi-tasker and multi talented to simplify their surroundings with intention, focus and efficiency. Her cheerful attitude, along with her extremely strong work ethnic kept me focused and grounded! She even introduced a plant based diet into my life which calmed me and also energized me. She lovingly prepared food for me to enjoy when I returned from my trip to Maui.
Under Patricia’s leadership we cleaned out and organized my closets which was where the Wealth and Prosperity section of the Bagua in a Feng Shui.

Within 2 days of activating the area with symbols to represent wealth, abundance, career growth… I received a call that invited me to 6 day trip to Maui to support a friend/ client in writing her book. The trip was magnificent AND I received another big gift…I met a lovely, spiritual, kind and dynamic man within hours of landing whom my friend introduced me to…We enjoyed each other’s company for the entire time, as I maintained my priority of supporting my friend.

I know it would not have happened without Patricia! Her enthusiasm for getting the job done coupled with her non judgemental yet effective methods made it a joy for me to work with!  I highly recommend her for simplifying your life, so you can TRULY enjoy it. Being clear and clutter free is Patricia’s specialty.

Hire her now, and you’ll be glad you did! She goes above and beyond the call of duty.
You can trust her to do an Outstanding job on your home.
Simply…Patricia is the best in this area.

Melanie L.
San Diego, California
October 201


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