Ten reasons why I love to help people downsize, simplify and declutter

1. Response of my clients:  I love how people feel so much better when their environment is transformed.  Their gratitude touches my heart.  My joy is their joy.

2. Excitement: I know–you are wondering, how can this job be exciting? But when people find objects that they really need that have been missing for years, their screams of joy can be very exciting!

3.  Connection: I feel very honored that all of my clients feel safe enough to share with me their memories as well as their vulnerable feelings about the fact that they have not been able to maintain a clear, clean environment.

4.  Inspiration:  When clients share with me about their life story including parents, and ancestors, I feel uplifted.  The memories are stimulated by all the items that we are going through.  I can keep working as stories are shared, and the client can rest a little and feel nurtured by my listening.

5. Satisfaction and fulfillment: There is something about physically changing a space that contributes to me having a very strong sense of accomplishment that meets a deep need I have for contribution.  Hearing my clients telling me how they feel so much better having the clutter and surplus items out of their environment feels so good!

6. Brain stimulation:  There is something about sorting things and putting them into order that my brain just loves!  I am a very unusual person, according to my clients and most people I have talked to, because they feel overwhelmed when they encounter a jumbled mass of seemingly unrelated objects crammed together in a closet, garage, shed or even a whole room.  My brain, however, says “yahoo!”  I often will go into a kind of timeless state where hours pass by quickly as I sort items logically and intuitively.  I sense that my brain is nurtured by this exercise.

7.  Exercise:  I like that I can get a work out carrying boxes, walking from place to place, sorting and at times, cleaning.  I am a very physical person, so a job that gets me moving is good.  I have a lot of strength, a good back, and stamina so when necessary I can work up to (my record) 17 hours at a time.

8. Lifelong learning: I feel amazed at how much I learn from clients as we work together. Often the sorting process includes books and papers relating to the client’s field of interest. I have worked for grant writers, professors, authors, an engineer and former teachers. All of my clients, no matter what their educational background have taught me something new.

9. Refining of my praI do my best to learn from each client, and I have come a long way from when I first started.  I feel grateful that my clients often will give me very specific feedback about their needs because I encourage them to do so. I tell them I although I am an expert, they know what they need and their needs always trump my expertise. I am also always looking for ways to work faster and more efficiently as long as it does not stress out the client.

10.  Reading and hearing the testimonials:  When my clients share in writing about their experience with me, I am touched, joyful and inspired at how they describe my work.  I know I have a gift for organizing that I was born with. I also have a natural ability to learn from my mistakes and always seek improving my skills.  I was taught from an early age to do my best in whatever I was doing, and this training has supported me greatly in my job.  Being able to serve satisfied clients who are blessed by my service is something that continually blesses me.

Well, that was fun!  I enjoyed reviewing why I love my job so much. I invite your comments about anything you learned or about how you find satisfaction in de-cluttering, organizing, downsizing, and simplifying your life.


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