Tips on creating community in order to live more simply

Successful communities have helped their members to  live more simply. I love the stories of co-housing communities, one of the most successful community models,  where residents share how they only have to make dinner once every few weeks because other community members take turns making dinner. They also find that the shared tools, opportune ities for shared childcare, and more.

I have been researching, visiting and at times living in intentional communities for the past 40 years.  My family which consists of my two former husbands and our two grown children, is also my community, Wellspring Community.  We yearn for a time when we are at a point where we have the energy and focus to create a healthy structure, including a Community Land Trust, so that we an invite others to join us.

Here is what I am going to do in order to motivate myself to start the process.

1.  Study the book Creating A Life Together by Diana Leafe Christianson I’ve had this book for years but did not read it until just a few months ago.  It is a great reality check. Having tried to create communities in various places, or support others in doing so, I believe that this book is excellent in giving step by step guidance in organizing the structure for a community.

I will be contacting various communities that I admire and asking them if they would share their guidelines with me.

After studying the Creating Life Together on my own, I will hunker down and write up some proposals for my family so that we are not starting from scratch.

I will focus on the idea, “progress over perfection.”  I keep putting off the process of creating community structure off because I want perfection.

We will continue to meet together at least every other week and prioritize both connect and clearing past conflicts.

In this way, I will be accomplishing my goal of simplifying my life and helping others to do the same.


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