My work in San Diego has been so rewarding thanks to wonderful clients.

  • A Ph.d who is passionate about serving the underprivileged living in one room and drowning in clutter
  • A writer and speaker who is finding that his health and ability to ply his trade is stymied because he is overwhelmed by clutter.
  • A successful but unemployed single woman who feels stuck…and clutter is contributing to her stuckness
  • A mother who lives with four children in a two bedroom home who feels discouraged by all the clutter
  • An older woman living in a tiny studio in senior housing who is yearning to get her kitchen and home in order so that she can feel free to pursue her life purpose and restore her health–but hasn’t done so because of so much clutter.
  • A retired person who has multiple passions and juggling a lot of projects, and her yard got over run with clutter.
  • A retired social worker who yearns to write children’s books, but has not yet done so because of clutter.
  • A widower who’s wife died nine months ago…and he is now ready to clear away…yes, you guessed it–clutter.

I feel so grateful that in each of these unique situations, I was able to support these people in getting their environment free from clutter, and thus their energy freed up so they could either pursue their life’s purpose, or be on their way to finding it.  Clutter is so debilitating and draining, and I find that even though each person is unique, the clutter seems to be the same! I am going to be writing about step by step, simple ways of creating a clutter-free space and keeping it that way.

But for now, I will leave you with this question: “What can you do right now to clear a space in your home so that you can have at least one space that is clear and clutter free?”  If you can’t figure it now, I feel hopeful that just by putting the question out there, you will find an answer.


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