Simple and loving…that’s my theme today

And I might just make that my theme for the rest of my life…I’m trying those words on for what sums up my purpose and my essence. I’ve been doing some deep thinking lately about the importance of my work–helping people simplify their lives. I also have been researching what others are doing.  This is big.  I feel inspired.

Going t the farmer’s market early this morning definitely was simple and loving. I normally go near the end of the market to get the good deals, or around the middle time because I love my morning time at home. So when I went at 7pm a handful of the farmers mentioned something about how I was changing my routine. They noticed me. They are my friends. I feel grateful for these life-givers of the planet. I love the simple joy of buying the food from many vendors,some of whom I have known sixteen years. My goal is to start trading my services for food…that would make life simple!

My goal is to consume 95% locally grown food. Since I have a plant based diet this is rather simple.  I believe that the nutrients I get from this fresh, lovingly, sustainably grown food is so much more than any nutrients I get from even super foods.  That is food for another article.

If I focus on love along with living simply, then I place attention on where my thoughts and words are going.  By living more simply, I find that I have more capacity to focus on thoughts and words.  I am also becoming aware of what I really need in the realm of material possessions. Even though I have lived simply for two thirds of my sixty year life, I continue to see how I complicate my life with things and activities that do not yield fruit.

I feel grateful for this focus.  When I think of how Jesus lived–so simply–and he is my master and my mentor as well as my Lord–I know that he wants to help me to do life this way, and teach others to do the same.  I especially see a need for parents to take a leadership role in this area, and I look forward to supporting parents and all kinds of people in transforming their lives so that they can more easily live in love and on purpose.



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