Expanding my definition of Simplified Living

I realize that all these passions of mine fall into the category of helping me and other live more simply and I want to start finding other coaches who are working in these areas as well as write about them in my blog. I can help people get started in these areas, but would love to refer them to other coaches if they need more in-depth support.

Natural parenting

Locally-grown, plant-based eating,

Holistic Healing

Nonviolent Communication

 Immanuel Approach

 Following Jesus in the Anabaptist tradition

 Wilderness living

 Intentional community

Urban Homesteading

Dealing with addictions including re-parenting

I am so passionate about plant-based eating that I am thinking about enrolling in the World Peace Diet Facilitator’s program so that I can be a Plant based eating facilitator.  Changing your diet might be one of the first and simplest steps to simplifying your life and contributing in so many positive ways to our planet. I could also do phone coaching


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