Mourning the death of Robin Williams and yearning to help depressed parents

As I contemplate the suicide of Robin Williams, I think about those who are experiencing a kind of living death of that constant black cloud called depression.  I feel so sad when I think about how desperate Robin must have felt in order to believe that he needed to end his life in order to end his pain.  And I cry right now for his wife and children.

When I am very sad, I do my best to turn that energy into prayer.  I believe that most powerful prayer is to ask God to equip and use me to help alleviate the terrible problems that are happening in the world.  I want to be a person who can coach people who are depressed and willing to make changes. I know my coaching and support in simplifying and ordering their lives has helped people have more hope and less depression. This has been very gratifying to me. But I want to be even more effective on a larger scale.

Thus I feel inspired right now to write a newspaper article that helps me imagine what I want to do and supports me in praying with the more creative part of myself.  I hope you enjoy this exercise, and encourage you to do the same in order to get in touch with your deepest longings.  Because I believe that with God all things are possible, I dare to dream big, and ask for help in order to make those dreams into reality. Here is a link to the article;



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