A fictional newspaper article that helps me get in touch with my dreams

The death of Robin Williams recently inspired me to write an article which helps me use my creativity to connect with dreams and yearnings.  I am pretending that this is a year in the future, August 13, 2015

Patricia Mikkelson, along with her team and community, has discovered the cure for depression.   This ground breaking discovery has transformed the lives of millions of people who are treated for depression as well as the thousands who commit suicide every year from untreated depression. Mikkelson has been working with her Wellspring Community as well as a team of dedicated researchers, healers, and business people in order to once and for all end this plague on humanity which has effected so many lives.

“I realized that by focusing on this problem that many other problems would be solved,” stated Mikkelson in an exclusive interview where she shared the history of how the discovery came about. “In my field of organizing and coaching, I discovered that the cause of so many of people’s problems stemmed from some form of depression that kept them immobilized, hopeless and thus perpetuated the state of depression they were in.”

Mikkelson started her work with finding a cure for depression when she was working with a business partner trying to discover their niche. They had narrowed the niche down to coaching and serving parents.  But they knew they needed to get more specific.

“I tend to be a person who wants to help every aspect of people’s lives, and thus I can get rather scattered,” says Mikkelson. “I feel grateful that I could have a business partner who was helping me to find my niche so that I could really be effective in supporting change. At first I was resistant to the idea of marketing to depressed parents and parents who were dealing with children diagnosed as depressed.  But when Robin Williams committed suicide, and it was publicly stated that he was battling depression, I decided that this was the biggest problem in the United States right now, and I wanted to help.”

Mikkelson revealed that she, her business partner and a host of others in her community worked together to come up with a bullet-proof plan for fighting depression.  Articles such as this one on some basic ways to fight depression and this one about staying happy on a vegan diet were just a few of the resources that helped the crew come up with natural, drug-free methods of fighting depression.

“At first we just focused on marketing these ideas to parents,” explained Mikkelson. “Parents who are depressed, or who are dealing with children who are depressed–whether adults, teens, or even younger–are desperate. They struggle with tremendous guilt and overwhelm because they feel responsible either for how their depression affects the children, or they blame themselves because the children are depressed.”

Mikkelson goes on to share what finally inspired her to focus on coaching and educating parents about how to treat depression naturally. “I found myself in an increasing number of situations where I was closely dealing with parents who were depressed, and one case in which the thirteen year old child of a friends was taking heavy-duty medication for depression.  When I sought help, I was referred to a mother who shared how her child is now addicted to drugs, and this started with ADHD medication.  She was still grieving over the fact that she had believed the doctors who prescribed this medication. I don’t know if she was experiencing depression due to the fact that she acted out of ignorance about this matter. But I can only imagine how parents who succumb to the authority of doctors in many decisions including vaccinations feel.  I would think these feelings would contribute greatly to depression.”

Knowing from experience the devastating effects of depression because of an experience she had when her children were 3 and 7, Mikkelson expressed that she wanted to support parents in healing in order to find purpose and right livelihood. When parents find these ingredients in their lives through her and her coaching partner’s coaching, she feels a sense of satisfaction. 

“When I was in a state where I thought there was no hope for me ever to live my dreams of community and do do work that inspired me, I wanted to commit suicide. I was at the end of my rope.  I was also sleep deprived, eating a lot of sugar and chocolate, and being overly exposed to the computer. My dearest friends turned against me, and I was having serious problems with my former husband and his girlfriend. I was so afraid that I would just run out in front of a truck and kill myself, that I decided to run away–leaving my children with their fathers.”

Studying the causes of depression gave Mikkelson and her fellow researchers an important insight–the causes of happiness.  “Although I knew this all along, ever since I started becoming passionate about intentional communities when I was 21, our research revealed that healthy community was essential to curing depression.”

Because of the groups’ break through research, they were able to come up with a combination of solutions that can potentially wipe out depression in the United States, and eventually the world. The needs-based approach which was inspired by Nonviolent Communication was a key element of the dramatic healings that took place in their client’s lives. The theory is that every human being has basic needs, and if any of those needs are unfulfilled, it will be difficult for a person to live a joyful life.  “There are exceptions to this theory,” states Mikkelson. “People like Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned for twenty some years definitely did not get these needs me. The same is true for many Christians who have been brutally tortured and imprisoned for their faith. But we are addressing the needs of most of the people, especially parents, who are languishing in their own prisons of dark depression.  We have experienced that when people get these needs met, their depression is lifted, and they become productive, creative people who are in touch with reality and thus better able to parent and mentor their children.”

Patrician and her associates are about to launch a new program that is able to offer coaching to any parent who desires help because of generous funding by social entrepreneurs who realize that happy, productive, aware parents will be much better equipped to support the healing of the planet and thus our planet and its inhabitants can be restored and healed. 

“If there had been a service such as this when I was in my crises state, I would never have needed to run away.  All I really needed was someone to talk to and who would give me good feedback as to steps I could take to solve my problems. I simply got overwhelmed because of my circumstances. I was very fortunate.  I did not kill myself, and I was able to reconcile with my family after running away. My heart goes out to those who are in this situation of despair, and I am thrilled that we are in a position to help these precious parents.”

Plans are also being made to train churches and other faith-based groups to provide safe havens and training centers for parents as well as anyone who is depressed or who wants to find purpose and right livelihood.  “I believe that if churches would focus more attention on helping people in holistic ways such as helping them learn how to grow food and eat a plant-based diet, find purpose and meaning in their work, use parenting methods that foster connection and respect into the adult years of the children, and utilize the power of the brain to discern what is truth–our world would be well on its way to healing,” Mikkelson enthusiastically exclaimed.

While problems such as the Nigerian school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, Christians being crucified by ISIS, children being enlisted as soldiers, and other horrors that directly affect parents and children may not seem to be addressed in the focus on curing depression, Mikkelson feels hopeful. “When parents in the United states who were previously depressed rise up and become leaders, taking back their power and not succumbing to the deception of the big pharmaceutical companies or the American Medical Association or doctors who buy into these company’s tactics, they will be able to solve very problem that the world faces.  They will also be more intelligent and able to use such effective strategies as non-violence to stop the never ending cycle of violence that terrorist groups as well as super powers like the United States perpetuate.”







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