A reality show to promote simple living: idea

I came up with this idea last year.  I am still thinking about doing this, but I do need to get paid in order to move forward.

The “Simple Day” is just one of the many compassionate projects that are being planned by Fayetteville businesses and which will be promoted by this website.  Simplified LIving, owned and operated by Patricia Mikkelson,  one of the sponsors of this website,  will be training and supervising a team of loving, skilled, and hard working volunteers to transform a very cluttered, dirty, disorganized home into a clear, clean, simple space where the residents can then proceed to transform their lives.  This project will be featured on this website along with a few others that we decide involve a large part of the community.

The Team Organizing concept has been developed by Patricia Mikkelson in order to counter the stereo-typical way of dealing with “hoarders” as portrayed on many hoarding reality shows.  The Simple Day will be a compassionate yet effective way of incorporating the residents into a part of a dynamic team which works together to make amazing changes in the environment.  The beauty of this concept is that many businesses can get engaged as well thus giving them a concrete way to be part of the Month of Compassion.  Such businesses include:

  • Counseling, before and after
  • Food for volunteers
  • Paint and other building materials for repairs
  • Furniture, household needs and other needs that Patricia discerns during her assessment with the clients
  • Trash pick up services

Volunteers will include:

  • People who are friends with the client
  • Other people who wish to be involved in order to learn

All volunteers will be screened for honesty and compassion.

The Simple Day will be video taped and made into a kind reality show which will serve as a pilot for future projects.

If anyone is interested in helping with this, please contact Patricia at 479-313-0414


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