“Her coaching… has reached new highs for me in giving me more choices”

“I appreciate Patricia more and more. Her coaching the last couple of days has reached new highs for me in giving me more choices and validating the choices I have made. ” A recent coaching client.

I feel grateful that I am able to branch out into helping people have fulfilling lives by doing coaching. These opportunities to do this have helped me realize even more clearly how important it is for me to support people not only in downsizing and simplifying but to help them then take the steps to live a more purposeful, meaningful life of service.

From the age of 20, when I had an epiphany while on a plane returning from my thirteen month travels in Asia, I have wanted to serve people joyfully using my God-given talents. As I do coaching, I find more and more of my talents that I have been using and developing over my life time, are helpful to my clients.

I am diving into learning more about effective coaching, and I am glad to add this skill to the list of my services so that we can all work together to help heal people, the planet, and all that exist on the planet.




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