Helpful tools to support you in practicing Nonviolent Communication

Getting in touch with your needs, feelings, judgments, and observations can be helpful in connecting compassionately with yourself and others.

I found some great resources to support you on this journey from this website that focuses on Nonviolent Communication and mediation.

Here is info about giving yourself empathy and just dealing with what is going on in yourself.  This is probably one of the most important aspects of this language because even if you have the seemingly perfect words, if you are not coming from a space of compassion, the words will tend to build up defenses in the other person.  However, remember–progress over perfection. Keep practicing Nonviolent Communication even if you aren’t coming from the perfect place. Just changing your language can help a lot. Here’s the hand out about self-empathy.

Here is a handout about needs and feelings which is really helpful.

I enjoyed this article about dealing with teens using principles of the NVC model.






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