This might be the most unusual organizing job ever!

While I am in San Diego for the summer I have been living in a household of people, two of whom needed my services. Both of them have home offices in their rooms, and thus the need for being super organized is essential.  Yesterday while working with my client who I will, for confidentiality’s sake, call Lisa, we did a phenomenal job in about just three hours making huge progress in finding places for everything, de-cluttering, and letting go of stuff.  But we didn’t quite finish the job. 

With about ten labeled boxes which were going to go into the attic once they were filled lining the narrow hall, I knew that it would be time consuming to put them in to the attic then have to bring them back out in order to finish the final going through of items in the bedroom. One of my systems is to get those things that are not high priority out of the high priority spaces.  So in order to save time, I offered to put the boxes in my beautiful, spacious room for easy access on our next organizing adventure which will take place tomorrow.

I felt really happy to be able to offer this little service because it made it much easier on her and me–I was rather tired myself, and her budget is such that paying me to put boxes away and then bring out again would mean we would not accomplish the goal of getting a system for all her paperwork.   Where else would I be able to offer this service, but in a place where my client is only five feet from my room!

My room is a bit cluttered and messy for a few days…but I can handle it, knowing that in the big picture all will be benefitted. I sigh with relief knowing that soon Lisa’s room will be a clear and clutter free area where she can thrive…and my space will be the same!








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