Simple solutions for dealing with anxiety

From my experience, these words of wisdom from a Buddhist perspective can really help you deal with anxiety. I am reminded by this article that to have perfect peace, I want to look at negative feelings as gifts and conflict as cause for celebration because both of these things are going to lead to learning.  I know that sounds strange–but if my brain can be more at peace, it is more flexible and open so that solutions can be found.  According to the Nonviolent Communication model, negative feelings indicate that unmet needs are present.  So if we can tune into the needs using the feelings as signals, then we are more likely to be able to find strategies to get our needs met.

As much as I love these kinds of concepts, I find the key ingredient for me is to ask Jesus what he thinks about all this that is happening, and get his input. 

I hope you enjoy this relatively short article. Let me know if it helps you–or if you have good solutions to dealing with anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings.

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