“My back yard and garden are now a much more pleasant place in which to work”

RECOMMENDATION FOR PATRICIA MIKKELSON from a member of the California Rare Fruit Growers:
I highly recommend Patricia Mikkelson as an organizer and very hard worker!  I am an enthusiastic gardener— but, in my back yard and garden, I had accumulated a huge amount of “deferred maintenance” tasks on my to-do list, which made going back there almost more overwhelming than enjoyable.  I’m very glad I decided to hire Patricia to tackle a number of those tasks, to help me get a fresh start!
Patricia had a wonderful system by which she worked.  First, we did a walk-through in which I pointed out and listed for her all of the areas of concern to me, in which I hoped to see major changes.  She listened carefully, then set about accomplishing the numerous goals.
Patricia worked hard to cover all the bases, and she worked efficiently, in an organized, well-thought-out manner.  She categorized items — sorted/ organized/ cleaned them— and checked with me for clarification of my wishes when there was any doubt as to what I wanted done.
My back yard and garden are now a much more pleasant place in which to work and enjoy nature, and are ready for me to move forward with the many projects which I had been wanting to accomplish— but I had felt myself getting dragged down by the many other tasks which were calling for my attention.  Thank you, Patricia, for a job very well done!

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