A classic example of a downsizing, simplifying job which a client describes

About two months before we needed to move from a 4300 square foot home to a 1600 square foot home, I saw Patricia’s flyer at Arsaga’s Coffee Shop.  I decided that instead of just moving a lot of our stuff into storage, I would seek her help to downsize and simplify my life so that we could really make a fresh start. I am really happy that I did, for the move and the downsizing efforts saved us money as well as made the transition to a new house with a young child so much easier than if I had done this by myself.
The very first three hour session we had was just a taste of how much progress we were going to make for the next two months. After talking about my goals with Patricia, she immediately helped me get a notebook together so that I could start getting a plan and stay focused on the daunting job ahead of us.  We also very quickly cleaned out many areas in kitchen and got a staging area identified so that not only did I feel confident that the big picture was being addressed, but the hands on work gave me reassurance that she had the ability to help me do the physical work that needed to be done.
As we progressed in the job, Patricia coached me on things that I could do in between our sessions. Having a notebook with a calendar, to do lists, and a time line helped me to stay on task with the things that needed to be done. I was much more careful with how I spent my time and felt more peaceful knowing that my thoughts of what needed to be done could be captured in this notebook.
Each time we worked together we started and ended with a prayer. I appreciated that Patricia not only was skilled in planning, de-cluttering, and getting things organized, but she also supported me in my spiritual walk with Jesus.  I was amazed at how each time we prayed, at the end of the session we could pray with gratitude about all the wonderful things that were done during our time together.
The last week before the movers came was the most intense of all.  Patricia was completely dedicated to making sure that boxes were marked so that they went to the right location and that we were completely prepared for the movers.  We had two places to take things–storage and the house. Originally we were going to make two separate moves, and were not going to downsize before we moved. But with Patricia’s support, we were able to make one move and dramatically decrease what was moved so that the money we saved more than paid Patricia’s fees.
Finally, the big day of moving arrived, and my husband and I were able to direct the movers by ourselves because of the numerous details that Patricia and I worked together to figure out ahead of time.  We were able to find all the essential items that we needed right away and spent a comfortable weekend at our new home, taking a break from all the intense activity. Then, Patricia came for a mere five hours and we unpacked 95% of the boxes and our new home was from then on easily brought into order.  She helped me find places for all the items so that I could easily find things and my whole family could feel at home in our new surroundings.

I feel grateful to Patricia for her patience in working with me because often I felt like I was stressed out because of the pressure I was under.  She helped me in so many ways so that this downsizing task could be successful.  I highly recommend her for any moving, downsizing, simplifying, organizing or de-cluttering job.  She is also great at helping to plan a project and support me in following through with it. 

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