Creating a simple blog/website: Step 2: Checklist for Setting up

If you want to go straight to a tutorial for beginners, go here.

As you continue, please remember this slogan:  Progress over perfection. Your blog/website won’t look perfect right away, but if you can get it set up, you can tweak it until it is good enough to share.  I suggest that you print this out for easy referral.

1.  Hide your site. If you are concerned about people seeing your site before it is done, you can immediately make it hidden. Here is how:

A.  You can easily get to your wordpress blog by typing in the url

B. Once you are there, look on the upper left corner at Dashboard. Click on it.

C. When you are in the dashboard, scroll down to Settings near the bottom. click.

D.  Scroll down to Reading. Click

E.  Scroll down to Visibility.  Check the third option, I would like my site to be private

F.  Scroll down to bottom left of the page.  Click on Update.

G.  Now if you want to make it public, follow these steps and check the first option.

2.  Get your title and tag line written. This is a brief description of what your blog/website is about

A.  Go back to dashboard. Click on Settings.

B. Scroll down to the first option, General

C.  You will see a place to fill in both title and tagline

D.  Fill them in. You can easily change them as you refine what you are doing. Get some feedback to see if it works. Here is a great article with some suggestions.

Now that you have all this, you might want to check out the Getting Started Page on the site. Or if you are ready for the full on tutorial, click here.  But if you want just a few more easy tips that I did not get out of those instructions, click here


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