Creating a simple blog/website: Part 3: Essential general info

If you want to, you can just go to this very informative tutorial. Or you can learn some super simple but essential factoids with me and then you find this link is at the end of this post as well. .


It is very important that you become familiar with your Dashboard.  Go on over to your blog/website and click on the name of your blog in the left top corner.  You will see the Dashboard show up.  This is where you will be working a lot. This is where you will find the pages section.


It is important to learn the difference between a post and a page.  You can read definitions here. I will explain a little more in a way that may or may not be clearer.

I suggest that you add a new tab in your window, and look at my site

Mostly what you are going to be adding are posts.  If you go scroll down my blog, you will see a whole bunch of articles.  They are all posts. Look up at the window. You will see

If you click on the title of the post, then you will see the URL in your window which will have plus the title of the post.    You can cut and paste this on any social media or in an email so that you can share a specific article or post with someone.


Now, look up at the top of the blog/website and click on Home. 

Look at the top of the page and notice:  About Patricia Mikkelson, Facebook and I Can Help You OrganIze Anything 

These are called Pages.  They will always be shown up at the top and sometimes over to the side–but they are the part of the blog/website that make it look more like a website.  Any time someone goes to your blog/website, they will always see those items. 

Okay, I hope all this has helped you get started. Now you are going to benefit much more from the tutorial on because you have the basics down.  If you want some coaching on how to get started, I can help you with the very basics.




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