Progress over perfection: getting your on line presence out there effectively

just-do-something-370229_150I attended a class in internet marketing yesterday. The very last message that the engaging co-founders of Talent Evolution, a digital marketing and social media consulting company, shared was “Progress over perfection.”  They wanted to make sure we didn’t feel overwhelmed with al the information they imparted and inspire us to take some of the ideas and run with them. That is what I am planning on doing!

I feel grateful to John Walker and Jared Smith because I feel more motivated and empowered to move forward in my goal of supporting people in transforming their lives through downsizing and simplifying their lives so that they can identify and achieve their life giving goals. I can also offer better suggestions to people who I am coaching who are embarking on career changes as they are better able to make such transitions by decreasing their monthly expenditures.

This free, three hour class was packed with up to the minute helpful information about such things as the importance of:

  • having a LinkedIn account that is utilized fully
  • having QR (quick response) codes on flyers and business cards so that smart phone users can access more information immediately
  • Making sure that your web site is mobile-phone friendly since an increasing number of people look at web sites on their phone
  • Providing useful, pertinent information which help clients see you as an expert on the various social media that you are using including Facebook, GooglePlus, Pinterest and Youtube
  • Identify your ideal clients and then find out where you can find them in order to gain their interest

I plan on going over my notes and making a check list of things that I intend to do in order to improve my on line presence. I also am going to do some goal setting and make some action plans.

These guys really made me look good when I was asked during the class how much I blogged. I said disappointedly, “Only about twice a week.” They were amazed that I blogged that much. I am understanding that many people have a hard time writing, so I feel very grateful that I have had this talent since I was in elementary school when I wrote creative stories.

They are having a class in July where they will help you with your social media needs. You can find more information here

I am starting to coach people in making a very simple and free website and blog that they can manage themselves.  I think everyone who wants to share some life-giving service needs to have a blog/website.  This class was helpful in helping me realize what a great service I offer.

I also want to thank the folks at SCORE, a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground for hosting this helpful event, and the Queen Bee for providing a great location in North Park.

Whatever you do, remember, “Progress over perfection.” After you read this article, go do something, even it isn’t perfect, that will grow your goals!  And then pat yourself on the back:)







2 thoughts on “Progress over perfection: getting your on line presence out there effectively

  1. It is not quite easy for you to earn money when you just step into the internet marketing. You will have to keep on learning while you spending your time and effort to promote your online business.
    Take advice from the expert, you may get less wrong steps.

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