There are not enough superlatives to praise you sufficiently

I feel so grateful to Pat for these kind words.  Tears come to my eyes as I re-read them and remember how our friendship blossomed over the course of many conversations leading up to the 8 day job where we worked together so beautifully. We shared so much over that time of working with a team of people to transform a house, and I am glad to call Pat my friend.

“Hello Amazing Patricia,……Your heart for the residents, my adult son and wife, and results in organizing their home was outstanding. There are not enough superlatives to praise you sufficiently. I wish you could be duplicated, so you could live near my needy children. Without a doubt, I know as their neighbor, you would humbly and skillfully keep them motivated to have a sweet inviting home. Also, I know they would respond to your encouragement to use their home for hospitality and for honoring their Savior. I am extremely grateful to have been on a week long organizing team with you. We became friends and close “sisters”. I admire your giftedness and your passion to do all to please the residents and to please our Savior.” 

Pat in Florida


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