Wanted: People who want coaching so that they can easily downsize and simplify their lives. I can help!


Wanted:  People who are highly motivated to downsize and live a simpler, healthier life so they can focus on what is profoundly important to them.  Folks have a gift of hospitality and are willing to host Patricia Mikkelson,  Simplified Living Coach as a live-in guest to help them achieve their goals for 2 days to two months.

What is a Simplified Living Coach?  A person who can serve as a kind of mid-wife to help people through the often challenging process of downsizing and simplifying their lives. I have the amazing privilege of having the right combination of skill sets to help quickly, efficiently, and joyfully support people in downsizing and simplifying.  Learn more here

Why live with the clients?  Because when anyone is making a life style change,  there are many habits that need to be encouraged. During the “off time” when I am not being paid, we can have natural conversations that support more trust as well as exchange of ideas that lead to a more efficient process. .   You save money because part of my pay is room and board. And it helps me since I don’t live in Southern California so finding a place plus transportation for just 2 1/2 months would be tricky. I have stayed with many clients and it has always been a wonderful experience.

Why Southern California? Because my eighteen year old daughter is spending the summer with relatives and she is on her own for the first time in her life.  More here:  I will be accompanying her on the adventure of traveling from Arkansas to San Diego on a Greyhound bus. While making plans, I thought, “Why not just stay the summer and be around if she needs me.

When am I available?    Friday, June 6th to August 20 with the exception of June 9 and 10. I am offering the first two weeks of my stay, June 6-June 21 for  room and board for my friends and eager first takers of this opportunity. Donations are welcome but not required.    Linda Williams is my first taker and I’m excited to spend time with her!

What are my skills?

Besides being a professional organizer for 15 years…

  • Simple living practitioner: 40 years
  • Project planner and manager: 44 years
  • Vegetarian (now mostly raw plant-based vegan) 40 years
  • Follower of the non-violent teachings of Jesus with a focus on and his commandment to love God and all people: 13 years
  • Homeschooling, grace-based parenting mom (now with one child entering the masters program at University of Arkansas):  25 years
  • Gardener: 40 years
  • Nonviolent Communication practitioner: 25 years

What is my motivation:

I am passionate about helping people who are READY to simplify their lives. Whenever I have clients like this, I feel so ENERGIZED!  And I want to share my skills with the world so that people will be inspired and know that they can do it following a few simple guidelines.

I also want to make a documentary showing how people can easily downsize so that others will be inspired to do the same.  Clients who I choose to participate in the documentary have the  opportunityt to help others as well.

My needs:

  • A room or tent space.  Nothing fancy!
  • People who respect different spiritual paths.  I am a follower of Jesus, but I don’t require my clients to have the same path as I do.  In fact, most of my clients are not Jesus followers–and we get a long just fine! If you are a follower of Jesus, then I have a need for respectful consideration of our differences–there are so many different beliefs within Christianity.
  • People (or an individual) passionate downsizing  and willing to do what it takes to move forward and develop a momentum going in a as little as 2 days or as long as  2 1/2 months.
  • People who have time to  work on the project, or who are willing to delegate many tasks to me including helping with things such as pre-sorting, running errands, shopping, cleaning and food prep so they will have more time.
  • $30 an hour for my time which will be about 8-12 hours a day. Sundays off.  I will work two hours a day in exchange for the room and food. Substantial discount for documentary participants. Room and board only for first two weeks June 6-20.
  • Willingness to have daily meetings to encourage, check on progress, plan and clear up any conflicts.
  • An openness to work together as a group to make our environment as nurturing as possible for everyone. If you are planning on living in a smaller space, this will be good practice for everyone to grow and become more conscious and concerned about everyone’s needs.
  • Optional: People who are excited about having the process video taped and made into a documentary. Of course I will get the approval of everyone involved before I publish and will be discerning about details that I choose to share.
  • Optional: Part of my services can be to teach you how to prepare 85% raw, vegan, plant-based food based on the Hallelujah Diet

What the clients will learn:

I will custom tailor the experience so that clients will learn those things they want to focus on.

  • Sorting techniques that are FAST and easy
  • De-cluttering methods that are efficient
  • Goal setting, project,  and time management
  • Nonviolent communication–we’ll be practicing it all the time:)
  • Simple stretching and exercises to keep us awake and focused!
  • Basic healthy  practices including  expressing appreciation, dry brushing, standing on the earth, hand and foot massage, ,journaling drinking water, imaginative prayer and laughing a lot!
  • How to have fun in simple ways
  • Living with less
  • How to decide what is really important and necessary
  • Developing a life plan to look towards so that when you have more time you can move on those things that are important to you!

If you are interested–please fill out the application at the end of this post or here. If I already know you–just contact me:)  If I see that you fit what I am needing, the next step is to talk by phone. If you want me for the 2 months starting June 20-August 20, call soon so we can make sure I have the time.

Please contact me for my references if you want to call them. But here are many ways to get to know me:

Application process:

If I know you, or I know you and you recommend a client–this will be an easy process.

1. Cut and paste the application below into a word document or email and send to livablefutureproject@gmail.com

2.  If I am interested, I will call you for a phone interview. If I sense that we are not a good fit, I will email you with more questions and then decide whether or not to make a call.

3. Okay, go for it!  I can’t wait to see who wants to passionately change their life for the better!



Phone number:


Facebook page

Do you have a spiritual path?


When, if you are selected, can you start this process?

Are you willing to have a radically changed lifestyle for 2 1/2 months including eating a delicious, mostly raw plant-based vegan diet?

Do you have any mental health issues?

Do you have physical health issues?

How many are in your family? What ages?

Is everyone on board with going through this process?

Do you feel enthusiastic about having this process made into a documentary?

Have you been convicted of a felony?

Are you willing to work hard to achieve the goals we set? (you can still work a  full time job if necessary)

What is motivating you to want to downsize and simplify?

Where do you live?

Do you have a room or tent space available?

Are you able to pay approximately $30 an hour with a minimum of 48 hours a week? If not, if we are the right fit, I am willing to negotiate.

Can you start June 6?  (I have an commitment on June 9 and 10th–otherwise I have no other jobs)

Please provide 2 references if I do not already know you.











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