Application for potential downsizing and simplifying clients

Application process:

1. Cut and paste the application below into a word document or email and send to

2. If I am interested, I will call you for a phone interview. If I sense that we are not a good fit, I will email you with more questions and then decide whether or not to make a call.

3. Okay, go for it! I can’t wait to see who wants to passionately change their life for the better!



Phone number:


Facebook page

Do you have a spiritual path? if so, what is it?

When, if you are selected, can you start this process?

Are you willing to have a radically changed lifestyle for 2 1/2 months including eating a delicious, mostly raw plant-based vegan diet?

Do you have any mental health issues?

Do you have physical health issues?

How many are in your family? What ages?

Is everyone on board with going through this process?

Do you feel enthusiastic about having this process made into a documentary?

Have you been convicted of a felony?

Are you willing to work hard to achieve the goals we set? (you can still work a full time job if necessary)

What is motivating you to want to downsize and simplify?

Where do you live?

Do you have a room or tent space available?

Are you able to pay $30 an hour If not, if we are the right fit, I am willing to negotiate.

Do you want to participate in the documentary? if so, my rates go down to $20 an hour.

Please provide 2 references if I do not know you or know someone who knows you.

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