Getting excited about new organizing projects

I’m working for a mom who has lived a fairly mainstream life style who wants to downsize and live sustainably.  Having a healthy mostly raw diet is part of the plan.  Therefore, she has inspired me to work on the following projects:

1.  Develop a simple way to shop and prepare a week’s worth of raw food that will please the whole family.

2.  Plan a local tour of sustainable building and farming examples. I already have three places lined up!

3.  Create a planning system for downsizing before a move and then moving into a smaller house in a way that is easy because systems are already in place for organizing.

4.  Finding an urban permaculture consultant who can help my clients plan their urban homesteads and find local folks to help implement the plan in such things as gardening, creating play spaces for children, water catchment, aquaponics and more!

5.  Developing a well laid out plan for a simplified life-style that includes morning quiet time, the basic things that are essential for health (like walking barefoot on the ground, breathing deeply, drinking lots of good water) that anyone can easily implement.

6.  For Jesus followers, cultivating a moment to moment, intimate relationship with Jesus that includes feeling loved, hearing his voice, and being filled with joy.  Learning how to heal past traumas with Jesus help based on the Immanual Approach.

7.  Resources for grace-based parenting that result in children who have a high emotional IQ and JoyQ

8.  Helping people develop the 19 right brain relational skills based on the Life Model.

Ok, I am taking a deep breath, asking God to help me with all of this, imagining how I will feel when I accomplish these goals, asking God to bless these efforts and give me wisdom, and feeling a sense of peace and joy that I have all these wonderful goals.





Well, I think I have my work

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