Dealing with depression–naturally

Part of simplifying one’s life is about using natural methods to heal those things that are often treated with medications that actually increase problems. I just wanted to offer some natural alternatives to people who are experiencing difficulties with their brain.

This website offers some wonderful natural remedies including suggestions for better sleep. Lack of adequate sleep contributes greatly to depression and other brain disorders.  Written by a busy Christian mom who experienced burn out trying to be super woman, she offers compassionate and wise advice which aligns with what I have learned about natural  healing


This article describes how the author of the above blog came to a burn out phase in her life which lead to depression.

I found this to be an excellent article about natural cures for depression. If you are a Christian, you will enjoy the biblical teachings included in this article.  If you are not, I hope you will be open to learn from a naturopath who seems to really know his stuff.

I hope this article can help you so that you can get out of a depressed state, or help someone else do the same.

I was encouraged to find this website about natural methods to help heal the brain of even things like


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