Simple Tips for Health

Even though I have been into healthy living since I was 21 (almost 39 years ago) I still need to be vigilant about taking care of my health as well as learning more about what the current research shows to be healthy living. Here are some ideas I want to share for basic healthy living.

Green Smoothies.  This is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. I drink at least a quart every day and I love this meal replacement. Sometimes on busy days I just pack smoothies and semi-fast during the day.  Very convenient.  Here is a simple recipe. I would substitute orange or apple for the mango just because these fruits are easier to come by–but mango is delicious.

Mini-tramp.  This is one of the best kinds of exercise.  Here are some exercises that can even help people with aspergers, autism, and other brain disorders. And if you don’t have a brain disorder–it can help your learning ability.  If you drink water (especially Kangen water) before jumping, that is even better.

Water:  We love our Kangen water. But if you don’t have access to Kangen water, still, drinking water is important  Here is a reason it is good for the brain.

Fish oil:  I have the joy of working for someone who works for a natural heal company, Nordic Naturals, and I have learned about the awesome benefits of fish oil. Okay, I know I am a vegan…but I still am willing to recommend these products for those who feel that they can be helped by these products.

Laughter:  Laughter truly is the best medicine. Cheap, too!  Here are some health benefits of laughter. Just glancing over this article about laughter makes me want to be a comedian!

Crying: This is also super healthy.  This article tells why  I think one of the best ways to cry is to watch a sad movie which has redemptive qualities. You can stop the movie at a place where you are crying and let yourself go deep. Think about those things in your life you feel sad about including feelings of regret, yearning, and loss. If you believe in prayer, this is a great time to pray and to imagine God near you, comforting you. For more information about helping bring Jesus into your tears, the Immanuel Approach is great.

Walking barefoot in nature:  This is a wonderful article.  Talk about simple!  Being in nature itself is healing, but walking barefoot is even more healing.

Oil Pulling:  I know–it sounds like of strange–but this is supposed to be a fantastic way of getting rid of toxins by simply swishing coconut or other healthy oils in your mouth. Eating coconut oil is super beneficial–tastes good, too!

Hugs:  Okay, I have been more intentional about hugging, but I am going to become a fanatic now. This is a free way to get lots of healthy benefits.

Stretching:  Now I feel more inspired to stretch in the morning and even throughout the day.  Here are some reasons and tips:

Conversational Prayer:  As a follower of Jesus, I want to take every opportunity to connect with God. If I have a health problem, this is a perfect time to converse with him and hear from him about advice. Here is a way to do that:


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